Thursday, May 28, 2015

Modern Quilting

I was a reluctant quilter in the beginning, feeling like why bother when I had so many women in my life who already quilted. I felt why would I need to learn this when if I wanted a new blanket for my bed one of them would make what ever pattern I wanted. This all changed after my mother-in-law opened her quilt shop.  She is a lover of Bernina and we became the local dealer for Bernina shortly after opening. At one of our first store events, Bernina brought in several of the Bernina 440 QE for a demonstration of the BSR. One of the women who was suppose to attend cancelled at the last minute and a machine was open. After a preliminary explanation of how it works and some basic ins and outs of the machine, I was let loose.

I felt like I was finally home! I had tried many other crafting and sewing hobbies over the years but never felt like it did that day. Since that day I have been finding my quilting style. I love trying new quilt techniques and colour combinations. One of the things I hope to chronicle in my first blogging adventure is my exploration of colour, skills, and styles of quilting.
QuiltCon2015 Charity Quilt Challenge Made by the Essex County Modern Quilt Guild
A friend of mine and I started a chapter of The Modern Quilt Guild last year and I am happy to say we are progressing well. Exploring what modern quilting means and being sewist support for anyone and everyone interested in quilting. We are doing challenges and swaps with other guilds across Canada and the US. We are hoping to continue our growth within the modern quilting world.

I have made several quilts over the last 8 years very few of which were for me. I love the quilting/top stitching because it gives me the chance see many styles of quilt which I would never make for myself. Its the adding of the finishing touches to enhance the piecing, applique and design of a quilt that I really love most.

I hope to share my process, tips and tricks, and fun things I am working on with this blog.